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GNSS Corrections Cabinet

We were approached by David Price of Survey Hire / Survey Max at Geo Business 2022 to ask if we were able to rework their GNSS correction cabinets as they were significantly oversized.


Upon assessing the existing cabinet configuration we observed that the LTE and Wi-Fi antennas were installed within the steel cabinet. In addition to reworking the components inside a much smaller cabinet, we relocated these antennas to the outside of the cabinet to improve their signal strength and enable the option for these antennas to be easily extended to a location further away from the cabinet via a coaxial extension if required.

Consideration was made for the need to access the SIM card slot and all labelling within the cabinet was reprinted and applied to the reworked cabinet.


Our reworked cabinets provide a much more compact solution and allowed for the further extension of the LTE and Wi-Fi antennas. We continue to work with Survey Hire to rework their network of GNSS correction station cabinets.


Survey Hire

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